Sodium chlorate

Sodium chlorate
Chemical formula: NaCLO3
International name: Sodium chlorate
CAS No: 7775-09-9
Qualification: Import from China
Appearance: white crystals
Packing: bags, 25 kg
Storage conditions: in a dry, well-ventilated area
Synonyms: Chloric acid, sodium salt

Purity 99.5% min

Moisture content 0.3% max

Water insoluble impurities 0.01% max

Chloride ions (CL) 0.15% max

Chromate ions (CrO4) 0.01% max

Sulfate ions (SO4) 0.01% max


Sodium chlorate, Sodium chloric acid

Molecular weight 106.44 g / mol Colorless crystals. Water is soluble.

Sodium chlorate is a metal salt of sodium and hydrochloric acid with the formula NaClO3, colorless crystals, highly soluble in water.

Water solubility 100,525; 204100 g / 100 ml Hygroscopic.  t area 255-263 °C. Density 2,490; 2,493 g / cm3. T boiling-from the spill. 390 °C. Mol. warmth.100.1 j / (mol·K). The enthalpy of education is 358 kJ / mol. Sodium chlorate is a strong oxidizer, in the solid state in a mixture with carbon, sulfur and other reducing agents is sensitive to heating or impact.

Toxicity: due to its oxidative nature, sodium chlorate can be very toxic if ingested.


Sodium chlorate is primarily used in the pulp and paper industry for the production of chlorine dioxide, pulp bleach.

For the production of other chlorates and perchlorates, as a chemical reagent, defiant, non-selective herbicide and in the gas generating composition (mainly oxygen-generating) and pyrotechnic compounds, as well as fertilizer.