Barium Nitrate

Barium Nitrate
Chemical formula: Ba(NO3)2
International name: Barium nitrate
CAS No: 10022-31-8
Qualification: Imp. GOST 1713-79
Appearance: white fine crystalline powder
Packing: bags, 25 kg
Storage conditions: in a dry, well-ventilated area
Synonyms: Barium dinitrate

Synonyms:  Barium dinitrate; Nitric acid

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Specification (table)

Purity 99% min

Moisture content 0.05% max

Content of insoluble substances 0.1% max

Iron content 0.003% max

CL content 0.05% max

PH 6,5-7,0

Percentage of particles passing through the grid 85 µm 95% min


Barium dinitrate; Nitric acid, Ba(NO3)2

The molecular weight of 261.35 g / mol. Colorless crystal. Soluble in water.

Solubility table in water at the appropriate temperature

T, °C 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
solubility, g / 100 g of water 4,95 7,0 9,2 11,6 14,2 17,1 20,3 27,0 84,9

Not hygroscopic. The hygroscopic point corresponds to 99% humidity. t PL 592 °C. Begins to decompose above t PL 203,5 Heat of fusion kJ/kg. Heat of formation -992,7 kJ/mol. Heat capacity at 300K 570 j / (kg·K), thermal conductivity 0.63 W/(m·K). Density of 3.24 g / cm3.

Toxic. MPC in terms of barium 0.5 mg / m3. Dust in the eyes is not desirable. Irritating to mucous membranes. In recent years, the United States is seeking to replace barium nitrate with less toxic oxidants, such as potassium nitrate or strontium nitrate.


Barium nitrate (Barium dinitrate; Nitric acid) is used for the manufacture of barium oxide, barium peroxide, optical glass, ceramics, as an accelerator of the burning rate, for green fireworks, signal flashes, tracer bullets, as a preservative, as a chemical reagent, for medicine and heat treatment of metals, etc.

Application of barium nitrate in pyrotechnics: compositions on barium nitrate burn slower than on potassium nitrate and ignite worse. It is used in pyrotechnic compositions of green fire (together with chlorine donors), as well as in lighting, thermite-incendiary and flammable. Without chlorine donors, compositions based on barium nitrate burn with a white flame with a greenish-yellow tint.