Potassium perchlorate

Potassium perchlorate
Chemical formula: KCLO4
International name: Potassium Perchlorate
CAS No: 7778-74-7
Qualification: Import
Appearance: white fine crystalline powder
Packing: bags, 25 kg
Storage conditions: in a dry, well ventilated area away from sources of fire and high temperature
Synonyms: Perchloric acid, Potassium salt

Synonyms: Potassium chlorate, Potassium perchlorate, Cadelin

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Purity 99.2% min
Moisture content 0,02% max
Content of insoluble substances 0,03% max
Potassium chlorate 0,08% max
The content of CL 0,05% max
PH 6,0-7,0
The percentage of particles passing through a 150 µm mesh 90% min
Percentage of particles passing through the grid 76 µm 70% min
Percentage of particles passing through the grid 50 µm 50% min


Potassium perchlorate, potassium chlorate, Cadelin, PCH, KClO4.
The pier. weight 138.55. Colorless crystals. Poorly soluble in water.

Table of solubility in water at the appropriate temperature.

T, °C 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
solubility, g / 100 g of water 0,7 1,1 1,7 2,5 3,7 5,2 7,2 13,3 23,0

Not hygroscopic (hygroscopic point for purified material >99%). When heated above 300°C passes from rhombic to tetragonal modification. The transition heat is 13.77 kJ / mol. t sq. 610 °C with decomposition. The heat of formation -432.9 kJ / mol. The heat of fusion of 139 kJ/kg heat Capacity at 300K 783 j/(kg·K), thermal conductivity 0,516 W/(m·K). The density of 2,524 g/cm3

Decomposition catalysts are copper, manganese, chromium oxides, potassium bichromate. Obtained by electrolysis of sodium chlorate solution. Then a solution of potassium chloride is added, resulting in the fall of perchlorate crystals. Quite toxic, toxicity is expressed to a lesser extent than for potassium chlorate.


Potassium perchlorate is the basis of most modern pyrotechnic compositions and compositions for both civil and military purposes. Many of the effects in fireworks it is impossible to obtain without the use of potassium perchlorate. Potassium perchlorate can be used as a component of industrial flammable compositions. Fire-extinguishing Aerosols-Potassium chloride is part of the generators of fire-extinguishing aerosols. In medicine-used as a remedy for toxic goiter and as a radio protector, available in the form of tablets of 0.25 grams.

Application of potassium perchlorate in pyrotechnics: less dangerous than potassium chlorate, the compositions on it have higher ignition temperatures and lower combustion rate than that of chlorate. Partially replaced the potassium chlorate in fireworks and signal structures. By itself, practically does not affect the color of the flame. It contains a very large percentage of active oxygen – 46%. Used mainly in signal, sound and flammable compositions.