Strontium nitrate

Strontium nitrate
Chemical formula: Sr(NO3)2
International name: Strontium nitrate
CAS No: 10042-76-9
Qualification: white fine crystalline powder
Appearance: (Русский) белый мелкокристаллический порошок
Packing: bags, 25 kg
Storage conditions: (Русский) в сухом, хорошо проветриваемом помещении
Synonyms: Nitric acid, strontium salt

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Purity 99% min

Moisture content 0.3% max

Content of insoluble substances 0.05% max

Iron content 0.001% max

SO4 content 0.005% max

Ca content 0.5% max

The Ba content of 1.0% max

The percentage of particles passing through a mesh of 150 µm 99,5% min




Strontium nitrate, strontium nitric acid, Sr(NO3)2

Molecular weight 211.63. Colorless crystal. Soluble in water.


Solubility table in water at the appropriate temperature

T, °C 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 80 100
solubility, g / 100 g of water 39,3 52,9 69,5 88,7 90,1 91,9 93,8 98,0 102,8


Anhydrous pure salt is quite hygroscopic: hygroscopic point corresponds to 82.7% (20°C). Impurities in the technical product contribute to greater moisture absorption. When stored caked to a lesser extent than potassium nitrate or chlorate. Tetrahydrate falls from aqueous solutions at a temperature below 29°C, at a higher – anhydrous salt. The tetrahydrate is dehydrated above 100°C.

melting t 570°C. begins to Decompose at 600°C to strontium oxide and nitrogen oxides.

The heat of fusion is 231.5 kJ/kg. Heat of formation -978,9 kJ/mol. Heat capacity at 300K 710 j / (kg·K), thermal conductivity 0.92 W/(m·K). The density of 2,986 g/cm3.


It is used in pyrotechnic compositions of red fire (tracing, signal and fireworks). Due to the fact that technical strontium nitrate tends to absorb moisture from the air and form crystalline hydrate, the use of metal fuels such as magnesium requires prior passivation of the metal, otherwise the shelf life of the compositions will be very low. For products exposed to moisture such as tracers, strontium nitrate of high purity is used.


It has an average degree of toxicity. In the body has an effect on bone tissue (calcium replacement on strontium).