Chemical formula: C10H8
International name: Naphthalene
CAS No: 91-20-3
Qualification: Edema. Russia
Appearance: Briquette
Packing: bags, 35-45 kg
Storage conditions: in a dry, well-ventilated area
Synonyms: technical Naphthalene, coke-chemical Naphthalene

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Appearance solid product in the form of briquettes
The content of the basic substance 97,58%
The crystallization temperature at 78.8*C
The ash content of 0.02%
Water mass fraction 0.2%

Technical naphthalene, Naphthalene coke grade A, grade I, TU 14-7-97-89

Molecular weight 128.17. Colorless crystals with a strong characteristic smell. Insoluble in water. Well soluble in benzene, ether, alcohol, chloroform.
The technical product has a melting t of 80.4°C. and a boiling t of 218°C. the Density is 1.168 g / cm3. The heat of fusion 148,1 kJ/kg Heat of evaporation 1398 kJ/mol. Heat capacity at 300K 1255 j / (kg·K), thermal conductivity 0.34 W/(m·K).
Water solubility is approximately 30 mg/l, flash point 79-87 °C, self-ignition temperature 525 °C, molar mass 128.17052 g / mol.
Naphthalene is obtained from coal tar. Also, naphthalene can be isolated from a heavy pyrolysis resin (quenching oil), which is used in the pyrolysis process on ethylene plants. Another method of industrial production of naphthalene is the dealkylation of its alkyl derivatives.

Naphthalene is an important raw material of the chemical industry: it is used for the synthesis of phthalic anhydride, tetralin, decalin, various derivatives of naphthalene.
Naphthalene derivatives are used to produce dyes and explosives, in medicine, as an insecticide moth in the home.
Large single crystals are used as scintillators for registration of ionizing radiation.
Naphthalene in pyrotechnics is used as fuel and smoke generator (analog of anthracene). Depending on the formulation of compositions can both burn with the formation of soot (black smoke) and sublimate (white smoke).