Chemical formula: CH6N4O
International name: Carbohydrazide
CAS No: 497-18-7
Qualification: Import
Appearance: white crystals
Packing: barrels, 25 kg
Storage conditions: in a dry, well-ventilated area
Synonyms: 1,3-diaminourea, 4-amino-semicarbazide

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CH6N4O, % ≥98,0
Melting temperature, oC 152-156
Insoluble residue, % ≤0,05
Residue after calcination, % ≤0,05
PH (aqueous solution 12%) 7,2-7,9
Turbidity, NTU (aqueous solution 12%) ≤10
Free hydrazine,% ≤0,05
Chloride (_Cl), % ≤0,0008
Sulphate (_SO4), % ≤0,0008
Sodium (Na), % ≤0,0008
Calcium (Ca), % ≤0,0008
Ferrum (Fe), % ≤0,0008
Silicon (SiO3), % ≤0,001
Copper (Cu), % ≤0,0001
Copper (Cu), % ≤0,0004
Heavy metals ≤0,001



It’s a white water – soluble solid. Decomposes when melted. It has strong reducing properties.

Warranty shelf life – 1 year.

Appearance White crystals
Density 1,341 gr/cm3
Melting temperature 153-154 oC
Decomposing temperature 153-154 oC
Solubility Water-soluble


  • Carbohydrazide is widely used in medicine, herbicides; plant grows regulators, dyes and other industries.
  • Carbohydrazide is a hydrazine derivative, that has strong reducing properties and can be used as a transient in the production of energy materials.
  • In the field of water treatment Carbohydrazide can be used as a boiler water deoxidizer. It has a high melting temperature and good deoxygenation. It is a perfect, safe and environmentally friendly product.
  • In the textile industry Carbohydrazide can be used as a cross-linking agent for elastic fibes, scavenging agent for formaldehyde, and an antioxidant for pigments such as carotene.
  • Carbohydrazide can prevent discoloration and rancidity, by adding an appropriate amount of this product to the soap, containing phenolic fungicides.
  • Carbohydrazide can be used as a preservative for oil-refining equipment.