Perchloric Acid

Perchloric Acid
Chemical formula: HClO4
International name: Perchloric Acid
CAS No: 7601-90-3
Qualification: Import
Appearance: clear liquid
Packing: barrels, 50 kg
Storage conditions: in a well-closed container, in a dry, well-ventilated area, at low temperature
Synonyms: Perchloric acid

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HClO4 58,00 – 62,00
Calcination residue, % ≤0,03
Chloride (_Cl), % ≤0,003
Free chlorine (Cl), % ≤0,0005
Total nitrogen (N), % ≤0,02
Sulfate (_SO4), % ≤0,01
Pb, % ≤0,0001
Fe, % ≤0,002
Cu, % ≤0,0001


Perchloric acid

Perchloric acid is the strongest monobasic acid (in aqueous solution), anhydrous is a strong oxidizing agent.

Shelf life – 1 year.


Perchloric acid is used:

  • For the decomposition of complex ores, in the analysis of minerals, as a catalyst.
  • Perchloric acid and its salts (perchlorates) are used as oxidizers. Magnesium perchlorate Mg(ClO4)2 (anhydrone) as a desiccant.
  • Concentrated aqueous solutions of perchloric acid are widely used in analytical chemistry, as well as for the preparation of perchlorates.