Phosphorus red

Phosphorus red
Chemical formula: (P)n
International name: Red Phosphorus
CAS No: 7723-14-0
Qualification: GOST Import 8655-75
Appearance: finely ground powder from crimson red to brown or dark purple (with a metallic luster)
Packing: drums, 50 kg
Storage conditions: in a dry, well-ventilated area
Synonyms: Phosphorus red

Synonyms: red phosphorus

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Specification (table)

The content of the main substance (red phosphorus) 98.5% min

The content of yellow phosphorus 0.005% max

Acid content 0.5% max

Moisture content 0.25% max

The percentage of particles passing through a 150 µm mesh 80% min.

Molecular weight 30.97. Crystalline powder of red-brown color. Insoluble in water.

Red phosphorus-red-brown substance obtained by heating white phosphorus without air. Red phosphorus, in turn, during vacuum distillation (process temperature 290°C) forms white phosphorus. At 429°C rises. When ignited, it lights up easily and burns fairly active, releasing white smoke. When stored in large quantities, self-ignites, apparently, due to impurities of white phosphorus. For the same reason, corrodes metals during storage. Self-ignites at 260°C.


Specific heat of sublimation 964 kJ / kg. Density 2,20 g / cm3. Sensitive to friction. Heat capacity at 300K 685 j/(kg·K).

Poisonous, but much less toxic than white phosphorus. Dust in the eyes is especially dangerous. The MPC of 0.1 mg/m3.


It is used for the production of matches (the surface of the box, where friction occurs), as a component of smoke and incendiary compounds, as well as for the production of other phosphorus compounds.

In its pure form, red phosphorus tends to slowly oxidize in moist air to form phosphoric acid and toxic gas-phosphine, so red phosphorus is used in pyrotechnics, stabilized by special hydrophobic additives or inhibitors.