Features of transportation of fireworks

26 / 01 / 2018

Few holiday or solemn event passes without fireworks. But if the birthday boy/girl of the event itself is engaged in the organization and purchase of pyrotechnics, then it is important for him to know how correctly and, most importantly – safely, to transport the selected shells.

So, to begin with, it should be noted that you can buy fireworks in Moscow even in a supermarket, but you should not do this. Pyrotechnics refers to explosive products, therefore, it is only necessary to purchase units for launching fireworks in specialized stores. At least because this is a guarantee of the quality of the shells and the fact that they will not fly in the wrong direction.

Transport by your vehicle under the law is allowed only household fireworks with a class of danger I-III. Professional salutes can be purchased only if there is a license and they have special tightened transportation requirements. Before loading the projectiles into the machine, you need to make sure that the seller has a quality certificate for the products. The availability of the certificate says not only that the projectile will work, but also that the salute has been tested and can be safely transported.

When transporting fireworks should be packed so that they do not ride around the cabin or trunk. They must be fixed immovably, for example, with paper or newspapers, so that they do not crash in the cabin when turning or braking. In this regard, the car should move at a speed of no more than 60-80 km / h, transporting salutes at high speed can be dangerous not only for the driver, but also for other road users. Also shells can not be laid on one side or turned over. It should be remembered that the charger is located in the lower part of the projectile and if it is transported in the wrong position, the powder can move to the top and, at launch, send fireworks along another trajectory or explode earlier than the projectile rises into the air. Before shipping, do not remove the packaging from pyrotechnic products. Packing is removed only before the battery is ready for start-up. If you remove it before, then during storage the salute can damp.

By the way, pyrotechnic shells can not be transported by public transport or mailed. Therefore, if it is not possible to bring the order by car, you should order the delivery from the seller. After the fireworks are brought home, it should not be left in the car. Due to temperature differences, condensation may form, which will permeate the powder, which will lead to the fact that the projectile will be spoiled.

Source: http://novchronic.ru/28174.htm